3-Week Classes: Half the Time, Half the Cost

In an effort to better serve our community in Nashville, NJW is rolling out a series of three-week classes starting in January 2018. We know that some people would love to take a class but don’t have six weeks in a row to devote to it, or can’t afford the full tuition, or both.

To meet this need, Director of Education and Programs, Lori Mechem, has created a diverse assortment of foundational classes designed to make our apprentice-style music education more accessible. Here’s what’s coming up in January and February of 2018:

Chart-Writing for Vocalists w/ Liz Johnson (meets January 9, 16 and 23 at 2pm) A class covering the basics of notation and application to writing simple chord charts. Includes discussion of intros and endings to tunes. This is an essential class for any serious vocalist who intends to perform with a band. Liz Johnson is a professional vocalist, vocal coach, and one of NJW’s beloved vocal instructors.

Improv Comedy for Musical Artists w/ Carolyn German (meets January 11, 18 and 25 at 6pm) Want to learn to get “out of your own way”? Want to be more free with your musical exploration? This fast-paced and funny mini session will shine some light on ways to embrace spontaneity, stretch your creativity, and allow yourself to listen and respond on the bandstand in a more organic way. And what better way to do this than that creatively-dangerous artform: improv comedy? Through exercises and games that get to the root of improv skills, participants will laugh and learn at the same time, and come away a new approach to musical and creative choice-making. Carolyn German is an acclaimed actor, playwright, theatre teacher and founding member of Nashville’s premier improv company, Spontaneous Comedy Company.

Keyboard Basics for Vocalists w/ Liz Johnson (meets January 30, February 6 and 13 at 2pm) All music is based on the piano. In this class, students study the keyboard, learning note names, intervals, chord structures, and musical notation in an easy to understand format that will show how to connect the voice to the notes of the keyboard and ultimately unlock the mysteries of music. Understanding melodies and how notes work together on the keyboard will give students a better sense of pitch center and overall musical accuracy.

Listening to Jazz w/ Roger Spencer (meets February 1,8 and 15 at 12pm) This listening class explores the act of listening to jazz, including how to listen into the music, what to listen for, who to listen to, and how to listen between the notes. A stimulating class for anyone who wants to increase their appreciation of this original American artform. Roger Spencer is a highly- respected bass player, producer and co-founder/Executive Director of the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Tuition for our regular six-week classes is $250, but our three-week tuition is half that cost: $125. To register for any of these classes please email directors@nashvillejazz.org, or give us a call at 615-242-5299. Come join the fun and enrich your life. Take a class!